After celebrating the 125th anniversary of its foundation in 2018, the momentum of Olympia continues always aiming at innovation in construction techniques and bicycle design.

Olympia was born in 1983 in Milan, founded by Carlo Borghi. In the early days, also motorbikes were a much acclaimed part of the business; but Borghi’s
passion and energy were mostly dedicated to cycling. Wearing the Olympia shirts, white with a black stripe, Enrico Mollo reached second place in the Giro d’Italia (1940) and Pietro Chiappini won the Milan-Turin race (1941). In 1960, the brand passes into the hands of the Fontana family, who transfers production to the Veneto region. Nowadays, in the new Millennium, Olympia operates in the ultra-modern facilities of 4400 m2 in Piove di Sacco (Padua).

Today, Olympia is a renowned and appreciated brand internationally. In recent years, the production of pedal-assist bikes has skyrocketed. Olympia means above all off-road racing. For years, the MTBs manufactured
in Piove di Sacco have helped national team athletes of Centro Sportivo Carabinieri ride to stunning victories; this is particularly true for brothers Luca and Daniele Braidot, the Italian off-road top performers.

Olympia Ikon disc 2020
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